Ficus ‘Wiandi’

Ficus Wiandi is a new cultivar and a sister plant to Ficus ‘Rianne, although it has slightly smaller leaves, the plant has a free-form growth pattern that is slightly horizontally dominant. Like ‘Rianne’, ‘Wiandi’ has the look of bonsai, with branches that zig and zag between internodes, often turning at right angles.

‘Wiandi’ has very low light and humidity requirements as compared to those of other ficus cultivars. As with its sister plant, ‘Wiandi’ should be boxed without sleeves during transportation because its branches are fragile.

The temperature requirements for ‘Wiandi’ is a comfortable 78 to 90 F days, 70 to 75 F nights. Ficus leaves do accumulate dust. Wipe leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust.

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