Ficus Trees an Introduction

Strolling into just about any garden center or nursery which handles indoor house plants you’ll find the Ficus benjamina.

There probably isn’t another indoor tree that is more popular than a Ficus benjamina. The flipside is – there probably is no other plant that causes more grief, headaches, agony or frustration then the Ficus benjamina.

Ficus benjamina is also commonly known as the “weeping fig.” There are probably a few reasons for that name. The Ficus does come from the fig family and indoors shows a “weeping” habit with branches that hang or “weep” down. But for many Ficus owners the name “weeping fig” may come more from the leaves raining down on the floor or the way this tree can make you cry.

A Ficus “weeping fig” can shed its leaves very easily – you just need to learn the conditions and reasons why!

Ficus trees, believe it or not, are tough characters, unfortunately many Ficus trees are thrown out, discarded, given away and dumped prematurely.

You may ask yourself – How can a plant that looks so great at the nursery seem to fall apart so quickly once it reaches home?

Is a Ficus really a tough plant for indoor use?

Let’s look at – Where Ficus trees come from and how this information can help answer many care questions.


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