Ficus Tree Losing Leaves

Question: I have a ficus tree that is dropping leaves rapidly from all over the tree not just the old growth and I do not see any new leaves coming. I have not changed the way I water it and have had in for about five years and this has never happened before. In fact it has been growing great until about 2 weeks ago.

triple twistd Benjamina


A couple things come to mind. First, from my experience of growing 100’s of 1000’s of Ficus one thing always seems to hold true. Ficus drop their leaves because of change. They absolutely do not like change!

Here’s a couple of possibilities that come from the eBook How To Care For Your Ficus.

I don’t know where you live but has the air from heater been turned up… could the plant have dried out? – (Page 19)

Did the plant get moved for the holidays? Less light – new leaves – (Page 20-22 and 38)

Unexplained leaf drop? (Page 24)

Possible too many leaves? (Page 37) Ficus wants and hates!

Have a party or any possibility of someone "emptying their glass" in the soil? Ficus and Alcohol do not mix!

Since you’ve had the plant so long it is also possible that the root system is so compact that you have some dry areas which just cannot get wet. When that happens a small change can make leaves drop severely. (Page 45)


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