Ficus Tree Care

In caring for a Ficus one of the first things to remember is … Ficus don’t like changes. Understand that and you will be well on your way to having a great looking indoor tree.

The care of a Ficus tree is boring… they don’t like changes to their environment. The first thing to pay attention to is the temperature, the amount of light and the volume of water to apply to your Ficus tree.


Keep the temperature above 55 degrees F, although will survive freezing temps for very short durations. The optimum temperatures, for best possible growth would be 75 degrees during the day and 65 degrees at night. Ficus trees can tolerate extreme differences in light levels as well as temperature variations.


A Ficus tree can do well growing in relatively low light and thrive in very high sunlight levels, too, provided they acclimate to the new surroundings – not suddenly moved from one extreme to another to quickly. One should slowly acclimate your Ficus tree for the best care.


Let’s look quickly at Ficus trees and watering. The higher the light levels and temperatures are, the more water your Ficus tree will require or use up as it grows and transpires and produces food for roots and shoots to thrive. Adjustments should be made until your tree is acclimated in its final resting spot. Of course, the opposite is true also as light levels and temperatures decrease the Ficus tree will require less and less watering and feeding as the growth will subside with reduced environmental pressures.

With a Ficus tree many of the care methods are learning by trial and error, that’s how I learned (and you can learn about Ficus tree care the easy way) and is always a place to start, but may not be the best place to start. When a Ficus tree starts to drop its leaves you must find out the reason and adjust your care of Ficus tree accordingly.

Perhaps your air conditioner is blowing cold air on your tree or another family member has been watering the tree after you already watered it. The window blinds may keep the room very dark and not supplying enough light to your Ficus tree. The foliage may begin to fall off after any one of these scenarios.


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