Ficus ‘Monique’

Most Popular of New Benjamina Types

Ficus Monique is an upright Ficus benjamina type with a bushy growth pattern. Its elliptical leaves are a shiny, bright green and have ruffled edges that become more accentuated in lower light conditions. Its mature leaves are hard and crispy. ‘Monique’ will adapt to higher light levels where installations dictate.

One of the most outstanding features of this plant is its resistance to leaf drop. Several interior landscapers report such great success with ‘Monique’ in terms of resisting leaf drop.

To date, ‘Monique’ is the most popular of the new ficus varieties, and is rapidly replacing ‘Wintergreen’ in the interior landscape. Popular forms include standard tree, -braided trunk, bush and topiary. ‘Monique’ is also known for its superior shipping and consumer performance.

The temperature requirements for ‘Monique’ is a comfortable 78 to 90 F days, 70 to 75 F nights. Ficus leaves do accumulate dust. Wipe leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust.

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