Ficus ‘Midnight’

A sister plant of Ficus ‘Indigo’, resulting from a multigenerational selection process. Ficus ‘Midnight’ has extremely dark, bluish to black, glossy leaves that sit along the stem with very close internodes.

Its growth pattern is upright with a strong apical dominance. It also displays a compact, bushy habit.

The plant has performed very well in doors, growing for extended periods under 50, footcandles. This cultivar is recommended for use in commercial installations with 100 foot- candles to 150 foot-candles for optimal performance. Due to its compact habit, there may be some initial interior leaf drop during it final acclimation phase when placed on the job. However, new leaves will continue to emerge, refoliating and replacing any shedding that may occur.

The temperature requirements for ‘Midnight’ is a comfortable 78 to 90 F days, 70 to 75 F nights. Ficus leaves do accumulate dust. Wipe leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust.

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