Ficus Lyrata – Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus Lyrata is an original Masterpiece of nature with its broad, bold, giant leaves of living art that resembles a fiddle… hence the name “Fiddle leaf Fig.”

Broad – bold – giant leaves to decorate you home or office. A tree that’s looks out of the ordinary. What kind of a tree are we talking about? It’s the Ficus lyrata – the fiddle leaf fig or the banjo fig. The common name of the fiddle leaf fig comes from the large violin shaped leaves that clothe Ficus lyrata.

Having a bark and leaf texture that is coarse with grow upright and irregular irregular shape make Ficus lyrata a unique plant for indoor use. Lyrata can be trained to grow in a variety of shapes like lyrata braids, standards or bush form. It’s large leaves grow to over one foot long and six to eight inches wide have and in lower light conditions the leaves become softer, longer and a darker olive green. One the biggest benefits – few pests and easy to maintain.

Propagation in the past has been done by making air-layers. Over the last few years most of the propagation has moved to tissue culture or cloning. This method gives the plants a more uniform look.

Ficus lyrata care is like most of the Ficus trees. The lyrata can tolerate a great deal of abuse but will drop foliage if not minimally maintained. Find a place with good lighting to show off your Ficus and make it the conversation plant it is.

The Ficus lyrata in nature comes from Africa and is capable of reaching heights of over 40 feet. For more information on care, propagation and other Ficus related varieties click and visit – Our Homeowners Ficus Care Guide.


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