Ficus Indigo

Description: Ficus ‘Indigo’

Ficus ‘Indigo’ has very thick, dark leaves that grow under very low light levels. Its leaves emerge deep green and darken with maturity to almost blue-black with a high-gloss. As the outer leaves darkens, a slight variegation appears, radiating from the leaf’s midrib.

Its medium-to-long, irregular internodes give ‘Indigo’ an open, weepy appearance. It is grown as braided trunks, standard trunks, and topiaries.

‘Indigo’, which is the first in a series of dark-leaved Ficus benjamina types. It has shown top performance status during an independent dark box and simulated transportation tests conducted in Europe.

The temperature requirements for ‘Indigo’ is a comfortable 78 to 90 F days, 70 to 75 F nights. Ficus leaves do accumulate dust. Wipe leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove dust.

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