Ficus Benjamina The Weeping Fig

Ficus benjamina, often referred to as the weeping Ficus or weeping fig, is one of the most prolific plants and is widely used as a indoor plant an as large trees in interior landscapes.

The benjamina used to be considered a landscape plant of choice, but more recent studies have revealed that its aggressive root system and the enormous sizes Ficus can achieve have caused landscape designers and architects to rethink the use of this plant.

Today the Ficus sees limited landscape use, but is still grown in large quanities for indoor use. Outdoors there is great debate whether it should be planted outside as it has been known to disturb septic lines, crack concrete walkways and even cause major damage to building foundations.

The indoor use of Ficus benjamina, however, is highly praised by many of these same professionals and has made this plant a staple today for the interior plant industry. This is mainly due to the rapid growth and ease of maintenance of Ficus benjamina as well as the aesthetic value the plant adds to an otherwise bland room.

The plant does have a few small pesky problems, to name a few, scale insects, and of course cultural practices that are not conducive to plant health like over or under watering and too cold or too hot temperatures.

Once Ficus benjamina becomes acclimated to its final resting place very little effort is needed to maintain a good looking and healthy specimen. This plant will tolerate a great deal of abuse and frankly is difficult to kill.

The weeping fig will tell its owner it needs attention by dropping its beautiful dark green and glossy foliage. Get out the vacuum and find out why it wants to relieve itself of its most beautiful parts, maybe to expose its slender smooth grey stem and all its beauty to behold.

What are some reasons for leaf drop? Simply – changes. The roots are too wet or too dry or perhaps the radiator is too close or the ac unit is chilling your Ficus.

Once you’ve learned the secrets of caring for a Ficus as an indoor plant, you’ll be pleased with what it can offer to dress up a room. Ficus benjamina is a wonderful plant to own and care for as its beauty coupled with easy maintenance once you know what to look for, are equaled by only a handful of easy to maintain plants and unsurpassed by even fewer varieties.


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