Ficus Tree – Natural Pest Control

House plants pests is a part of growing plants… everyone deals with the problem differently. I like to use the best method to handle the problem. Basically safe, natural solutions! Indoors, few choices exist for homeowners.

Neem A Safe, Natural Option!

Neem oil comes from the pressed seed of the neem tree – Azadiracta indica Juss – to be exact. It’s been used for medicinal purposes and pest control for thousands of years. It’s used as an: antispectic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, antifungal.
mealy bug on house plants is common but can be controlled safely, naturally with neem oil

Is It Safe?

Neem products are consumed by humans and used in medication. If fact, there are no EPA restrictions in place for neem oil.

Growers using neem oil in their “pest control” program like the safety and the control this natural solution provides. Nurseries are finding neem oil is effective as a insecticide, miticide and fungicide. Schultz now has 3-1 Garden Safe product made from the oil… I picked up a bottle at Home Depot. Insects prefer to die… than feed on plants treated with neem.

It has shown success in fighting plant fungus and also root rot. When I spray my Ficus I completely spray the plant and potting media.

Neem looks like a SAFE, NATURAL solution for homeowners with any type of houseplant pest problems including Ficus. Give it a try!